Guitar Learning Tips For Beginners

Guitar Learning Tips For Beginners

The guitar is easily the most popular musical instrument in the world. Thousands of people start learning guitar with the best of intentions, only to give up when they discover it’s harder than it looks. If you want to learn best 5 string guitar and be one of the success stories, then follow these simple beginner tips here:

1: Buy a cheap, good quality guitar. It may seem obvious, but you will need to own your own guitar if you truly want to learn to play. Only by having exclusive access to your own instrument will you be able to improve quickly. You don’t need to spend a lot, however. A reasonably priced beginner’s guitar shouldn’t cost more than $100. Try looking online for basic guitars then compare that price to your local music store. This will give you more bargaining power when it comes time to make a purchase.

2: Start with nylon strings. Guitars either have metal strings or nylon strings. The former sound better eventually, though cause more pain when you’re starting out. It’s much better to toughen your fingertips up gradually with a nylon string guitar and change over when you feel ready. In the beginning, your chords won’t sound so great as to be able to tell the difference anyway!

3: Learn your basic chords from online video. The Internet is the best source of good quality, yet free “how-to” information. Video sites such as YouTube are a great place to find free guitar lessons for best 5 string guitar. Simply search for terms like “beginner guitar chords” and you’ll be on your way. Remember, also to look for sites besides YouTube, since many of these are dedicated “how-to” sites and have a wide array of quality video not necessarily found elsewhere.

Guitar Learning Tips For Beginners

4: Practice strumming to a metronome or jam track. When you start out playing guitar you will focus all your attention on forming the correct chords and making them sound clear. As you progress, you’ll move your focus to your strumming hand. It’s a good idea to learn to strum in time from the outset. A metronome is a good basic tool, though there are also many simple “jam tracks” you can find online to play along to. These are more interesting and give you the feeling of playing in a band.

5: Invest in a quality beginner’s learning package. Quality e-learning courses are readily available online and improving all the time. Beginner’s packages shouldn’t cost more than $50. A good one should contain video, eBooks, jam tracks, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and typically some extra bonuses too.

Don’t be afraid to purchase best 5 string guitar product and take them up on their money-back guarantee if it’s not to your liking. Reputable online businesses stick by their claims and will return your money if you’re dissatisfied. If you understand this, then you won’t be so hesitant to make the investment.

6: Find someone to play with. The final thing you should do to ensure your guitar learning success is to find a friend to play with, preferably someone better than you who are willing to show you a few things. Playing by yourself is fun, though it’s only when you team up with a real live person that you get the extra boost of motivation to continue.

If you follow these six beginner guitar learning tips and you will be well on the way to success.