Are You Buying the Right Electric or Bass Guitar?

Are You Buying the Right Electric or Bass Guitar?

You might have always dreamed of being up on stage, rocking the crowd, or perhaps you just want to join the local blues band. Whatever your dream, you’re looking to buy an electric guitar or electric bass guitar. But how do you know what kind of best 5 string guitar you want? Where do you start? Read on to find out.

If you are a beginner, a simple model with a simple amplifier and speaker will suffice. These are often sold in kits that have everything included. Unlike an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar needs an amplifier and a speaker in addition to the guitar to produce the sound. The kit is a convenience, but it is not necessarily the best way to get a high-quality setup.

Depending upon whether you are looking for an electric guitar or bass guitar, you can choose from a number of different types depending on string number and body construction, as well as the electronics. The most common models of electric guitars have six strings while the common number for bass guitars is often four. But you can also find seven-stringed guitars as well as the elaborate twelve-stringed model. Basses can come with five and six-strings as well. Body type design, whether it is solid body, semi-hollow, or full hollow body, can determine usage. The types of hardware, in the form of switches and pickups, suggest the same. There are so many people who are too much dependent to learn everything from online tutorials which they think more effective and less expenses too.

Are You Buying the Right Electric or Bass Guitar?

The best 5 string guitar that is good for a beginner may not be sufficient for a more experienced player. On the surface they may look the same. But, the quality of the craftsmanship, the sound, whether or not it is handmade, and the brand name are some of the factors that can help determine the price. Also, guitars for more experienced players do not usually come in kits. You need to purchase the guitar, amplifier, and speakers separately.

When shopping for an electric guitar or electric bass, it is important to play them before you buy them. There are certain things you will need to listen for. First of all, is the overall tone pleasing? Do you like the way it sounds? Determine how well the guitar plays. Is it easy to play or difficult? How does the guitar sound when you press down a note by the fret? Does it buzz? Test all of the settings on the guitar with the pickup and tremolo bar. Is there any unwanted pickup noise? Test the guitar with different amplifiers and speakers as well.

Tip: Don’t try too many electric guitars or basses at once. After a certain point, it is hard to concentrate and differentiate between the different guitars, so limit yourself to 4 in any single visit to the music store.

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